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Eye Drops for After Cataract Surgery

Eye Drops for After Cataract Surgery.


  1. Winnie Abdullah says:

    I had cataract surgery on April 14, 2015. I was prescribed Durezol drops shortly thereafter and continued taking them for about 15 days. After discontinuing the drops at my Dr.’s orders my eye became painful and inflamed. He stated that it was my eye’s reaction to taking the Durezol and that I should have discontinued the drops after 10 days. He placed we on a regimen of the Durezol for 4 times daily, 3 times, 2 times and once daily…a week for each course. Again, when I discontinued the drops, my eyes became inflamed and painful. This tap down regimen has been done twice and I am now on my third regimen with reduced number of drops each day @ 1 drop a week as I type this note (6-10-15) . I have 5 more days to continue. I am praying that my eye does not flare up again. This also seems an awful long time to be taking these steroid drops. My eye only hurts when I try to discontinue the drops. Thanks for your response.

    • I’m sorry you are not improving as quickly. I do not offer any medical advice on this site.
      I always recommend seeing your ophthalmologist and a uveitis specialist in your case.
      All the best.

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