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AAO 2015

SYM43 Communication Matters: Promoting Our Patients, Practice, and Profession

Combined meeting with the National Medical Association (NMA)

One of our most essential skills, communication, is the least taught. Yet communication is vital to helping our patients, the public, and policy makers understand the importance of eye care from a skilled ophthalmologist. Effective and truthful communication improves patient care and safety. We must evolve to accommodate the needs of those we serve through maintaining a code of ethics and being competent in communicating with persons from different backgrounds and cultures. We also must continue to advocate for our profession to protect the interests of ophthalmology. This symposium seeks to teach all ophthalmologists (through case presentation / panel discussion) how to improve communication to patients (to increase adherence to care), the public (through advertising), and lawmakers (through advocacy).

Date and Time: Tuesday, Nov 17 2015 8:30AM – 10:00AM

Location: Sands Expo/Venetian


Topic: General Medical Care

Chasidy D Singleton MD
Leslie S Jones MD

8:30 AM Introductions and Welcome Chasidy D Singleton MD
8:32 AM Section 1: Communicating with Policy Makers
8:32 AM Politics and Medicine: An Insight From the Other Side of the Table Aaron D Ford
8:42 AM Communicating With Local Politicians Paul Sternberg Jr., MD
8:50 AM Advocating for the Eye M.D. Nationally Daniel J Briceland MD
8:58 AM Q&A and Panel Discussion
9:00 AM Section 2: Communicating with the Public
9:00 AM Managing Our Reputation With the Public Robert F Melendez, MD MBA
9:10 AM Ethical Advertising Keith D Carter MD FACS
9:18 AM Captivating Your Target Audience Rebecca J Taylor MD
9:26 AM Q&A and Panel Discussion
9:28 AM Section 3: Communicating with Patients
9:28 AM Disclosure to Patients: Full, Partial, or None? Sahar Kohanim MD
9:37 AM Cultural Competency and Informed Consent Janine Austin Clayton MD
9:45 AM Improving Adherence to Medical Treatment: The Teach-Back Method Tamara R Fountain MD
9:52 AM Q&A and Panel Discussion
9:54 AM Group Panel/General Discussion
9:58 AM Closing Remarks Leslie S Jones MD

We will need more leaders, are you ready? Join me on Sunday 345-445 pm.

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AAO 2015

SYM16 Who Will Lead the Ophthalmic Team?

Combined meeting with the Young Ophthalmologist Committee

As the medical field transitions through a pivotal point, with increasing demands on efficient delivery of quality health care, we will provide valuable tools with which young ophthalmologists can emerge as leaders of the eye care team. During this symposium, we will highlight why ophthalmologists are best positioned to be leaders of the eye care team and how to develop the specific skills needed to be an effective and successful leader. We will emphasize strategies necessary to position ophthalmologists as leaders through local, regional, and national advocacy efforts. YOs will learn why they are the key to the future leadership position in our field. They will also learn about the skills and strategies necessary to emerge as successful and effective leaders.

Date and Time: Sunday, Nov 15 2015 3:45PM – 4:45PM

Location: Sands Expo/Venetian


Topic: General Medical Care

Paul Sternberg Jr., MD
Ruth D Williams MD
Robert F Melendez, MD MBA
Purnima S Patel MD

3:45 PM Welcome & Introduction of Panelists and Speakers Robert F Melendez, MD MBA
3:50 PM Leadership in Eyecare Paul Sternberg Jr., MD
4:00 PM Panel Discussion Robert F Melendez, MD MBA
4:00 PM Panelist Paul Sternberg Jr., MD
4:00 PM Panelist Ruth D Williams MD
4:00 PM Panelist Mary Gerard Lynch MD
4:00 PM Panelist Robin A Vora MD
4:15 PM The Changing Landscape of Eye Care Delivery Ruth D Williams MD
4:25 PM Panel Discussion Purnima S Patel MD
4:40 PM Conclusion Purnima S Patel MD
4:45 PM End of Session
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